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Trailblazing awards and settlements tend to spark commentary from the media and securities arbitration and litigation experts. As Cary S. Lapidus is mentioned or quoted in the media, some of those pieces are listed here.

Stanford Professor Stung By Fund Wins $2.2 Million

This article highlights a case Mr. Lapidus represented in which his client, a retired Stanford professor, received a large financial award after losing money due to being sold an unsuitable fund. Read more here.

Ruling: Investment Even Too Complex For Bank CEO

This article highlights a case in which Mr. Lapidus’ client, a former chief executive of a bank, sustained financial losses due to a investing in unsuitable funds sold to him by First Republic Securities Co. Read more here.

Berkeley Firm Ordered To Pay $750,000

This article also highlights the case involving Mr. Lapidus’ clients who were victims of Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. Read more here.

Wrongful Dismissal Of Private Banker Costs J.P. Morgan Chase $350K

This article highlights a case won by Attorney Cary Lapidus on behalf of his client was found to be wrongfully dismissed from her job as a private banker with J.P. Morgan. Read more here.

J.P. Morgan To Pay $350,000 In Defamation Claim

This article highlights the wrongful termination and defamation case of Cary Lapidus’ client against J.P. Morgan Securities. Read more here.

Suit Alleges Elder Financial Abuse By Former Chase Bank Manager

This article highlights a case in which Cary Lapidus’ client alleged elder financial abuse. Read more here.

Former Wells Fargo Broker Banned From Industry For Life

This article highlights a case Mr. Lapidus was involved with in which a Wells Fargo broker was banned from working in the industry for life due to suspicions that he provided misleading information to clients and would not cooperate with the ensuing investigation. Read more here.

Bernard Madoff Case: Broker Must Repay S. F. Couple

This article highlights a case that involved a couple who were clients of Cary Lapidus who were repaid $750,000 after being victims of Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. Read more here.

Crisis-Era Muni Funds Haunt Wall Street Brokerages

This article highlights the aftermath of the credit-market meltdown of 2008 and the financial rewards awarded to investors in the wake of that. Read more here.

Pleasanton Couple Win $1 Million Award Against Morgan Stanley And A Broker In A Stock Options Case

This article highlights a case in which Mr. Lapidus was co-counsel for a couple who won a large award after their funds were allegedly mismanaged by a broker working for Morgan Stanley. Read more here.

California Fights NYSE, NASD on New Arbitrator Disclosures

Highlights a case in which a couple lost more than $270,000 after taking poor advice from their broker. Read more here.

OUT OF OPTIONS: High-tech Companies And Their Investment Bankers Have A Cozy Symbiotic Relationship Regarding Stock Options.

Attorney Cary Lapidus weighs in on this topic as an attorney representing clients who have lost their investment due to brokers recommending risky investments in high-tech companies. Read more here.

Investor Bites Broker: NASD Restores Shares Lost In Margin Call

This article highlights a case in which one of Mr. Lapidus’ clients won an arbitration cased filed against his broker the mishandling of his account. Read more here.

Prudential May Face New Round Of Lawsuits

This article highlights lawsuits against Prudential which involved Attorney Cary Lapidus’ client. Read more here.

From The Mailbag: How To Complain About Your Broker

Attorney Cary Lapidus weighs in on the topic of how clients can file a complaint against their broker. Read more here.

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